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Common Recycling Errors We Make at Home

We can all admit that we’ve all tried to contribute at least a little bit towards the environment.

But did you know you may be recycling incorrectly?

It’s so easy to look past the important parts of recycling – things as simple as keeping the lid on plastic bottles!

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What can be avoided?

Here are a few household items that are easy to get confused about and how to ensure that your waste is being dealt with properly:

1. Containers

It is essential that any contained food products that may include muck still inside, are rinsed and dried before being placed in the recycling bin.

2. Plastics

You might not be aware that not all dark-coloured plastics can be recycled – make sure to separate them from other plastics!

3. Glass Materials

Certain glass products like mirrors, for example, cannot be recycled and should be placed in a household bin or included in rubbish collections.

Never throw these away!

It can be easy to put things in the bin we know we really shouldn’t!

Someone else will sort them out, right?

Unfortunately, this approach isn’t doing the Basildon or Essex Council any favours!

It is important you don’t throw away:

  • Electronic Items 
  • Light Bulbs 
  • Paint 
  • Used Batteries 

Recycling in Basildon


We want to take the stress away

A small change to your recycling habits can go a long way.

If we all make an effort, we can create a healthier environment for future generations.

Here at Rubbish Clearance Essex, we campaign to keep our environment clean by being more conscious of our actions during waste collection and focusing on encouraging our clients to help.

Whatever your rubbish disposal or waste recycling needs, Rubbish Clearance Ltd can provide an efficient and cost-effective service across Essex and Basildon.

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